The Center’s Hotel is aimed to provide a comfort in a high-level convenient rooms, to provide high-quality hotel services for young people, who celebrate their weddings and invite guests, living in a prosperous life thanks to the Hero of Arkadag. In addition, high-quality services are provided to foreign citizens arriving in our country.


The hotel consists of 22 rooms, including 10 De Luxe and 12 – Standard. Moreover, complying with the purpose of the complex, there are rooms with facilities for guests with disabilities.


The hotel can accommodate up to 44 guests at a time. (For local and foreign citizens). Each room is suitable for business or leisure. For guests, Hotel Services include room service, laundry service, taxi service, conference halls for business meetings, outside Parking and garage in hotel.








Cancellation of booking (reservation)

Free of charge

Payment terms

Cash / Bank transfer


Hotel grounds and rooms are free of smoking

No Pets




Room facilities

Each room equipped with a refrigerator, safe, Wi-Fi and TV services.



Free wireless Internet service is available in rooms and hotel territory.


Laundry service

Working hours: from 08:00 to 16:00, laundering, drying, ironing (dry-clean service is not available)


Parking area

Outside Parking and garage in hotel are free of charge


Guest Relations Department

Working hours: from 09:00 to 17:00.

Guest Relations Department provides the following services:

1. Providing guests with information about the city,

2. Room information and booking,

3. Taxi call,

4. Car rent  (with a driver),

5. Food in the rooms from the dining rooms.



Located at the end of the hotels’ hall. Herbal tea, coffee and various sweet tinctures are offered for guests. Cold appetizer, hot dishes and salads. Full comfort for your relax with cup of tea or coffee and enjoying your time.

Phone: 95-51-27.




Attentive and professional personnel of the hotel will assist you in any situation, and will do their best to make your rest pleasant and enjoyable!




Tariff for local citizens:

Standard Room (STD)

TWIN (two single beds)

DBL (one double bed)

114,00 manat

114.00 manat

De Lux Room


TWIN (two single beds)

DBL (one double bed)

199.50 manat

199.50 manat


Tariff for foreign citizens:

Standard Room


TWIN (two single beds)

DBL (one double bed)

50 USD

50 USD

De Lux


TWIN (two single beds)

DBL (one double bed)

100 USD

100 USD


Check-in / Check-out – 12:00


For a foreigner, payments for hotel accommodation are made in US dollars, unless cases if a foreign citizen works on the basis of an employment contract for organizations and enterprises located in Turkmenistan and they are paid a monthly wage in the national currency of Turkmenistan. In this case, the payments for hotel accommodation can be made in Turkmen national manat.

To make payment for hotel accommodation in the Turkmen national manat, the inviting organization or enterprise should provide the hotel administration with the following list of documents:

1. Official letter in organization’s letterhead confirming the position of a foreign guest,

2. A copy of the permit / invitation issued by the migration service,

3. Employment contract (wage should be in manat)




Contact numbers for hotel information and for room reservation:


Senior administrator 09:00-17:00


Reception 24 hours





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