In the Era of Might and Happiness of the Turkmen state, under the leadership of our Esteemed President, large-scale reforms are being carried out. In order to hold weddings and marriage registrations in compliance with the customs and national traditions, to promote the spiritual education of youth, to celebrate weddings in cultural way, and to contribute to the unanimity and integrity of the nation, by the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the Wedding Ceremonies Center “Bagt Koshgi” was established.

On October 28, 2011, as part of large-scale events dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Independence of Turkmenistan, the Central Building was  inaugurated.  The opening of the building was attended by the Esteemed President of Turkmenistan.

“Bagt Koshgi” Complex is an 11-storey building. There are three halls for wedding celebrations: Ak Yol” – for 1,000 seats, Nur and Alem for 500 seats each. There are 7 banquet halls, including Cheshme – for 200 seats, Shugla, Daragt, Zamana, Ajayyp, Yayla, Bagtly halls are for 100 seats each. In addition, there are 7 halls for marriage registration, including Shaher and Sahavat halls – for 150 seats each, Shapak, Yyldyz, Dessan, Ylham and Shamchyrag – for 100 seats each. The complex also includes a hotel that consists of 22 rooms. Moreover, there are 36 shops and various services for wedding celebration, dozens of lounges and cafes. In addition, there are a garage in hotel for 300 vehicles and an outside parking for 300 vehicles.

The Center’s mission is to arrange modern family celebrations and wedding in accordance with the customs and traditions of the Turkmen people, to run training courses for organizers of weddings and masters of ceremonies, to offer services on rent of the wedding halls of the Center, on car rent and decoration of cars for wedding and family celebrations, as well as to provide services on hotel accommodation for newlyweds, local population and foreign guests.

Our address: Ashgabat, Bagtyyarlyk district, Str. Bagtyyarlyk, Bld. 15.

Postcode: 744036.

Phone: 95-57-68, fax: 95-57-60


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